Final Verdict

He has one chance to find the facts he’s searched for his entire life. All he has to do is prove his Number One enemy is not a killer…

Daniel Pike has devoted his legal career to ensuring that no wrongly convicted person dies in prison like his father did. But he’s still no closer to uncovering his painful family secrets. And after a terrible twist of fate, he’s hired to defend his arch-nemesis who’s been charged with a gruesome murder…

With a string of grisly clues placing his client squarely in the frame, Pike’s investigations incur the fury of a powerful and callous cartel. After a key defense witness is brutally slain, not even this talented attorney stands a chance of convincing the jury that his client’s hands are not blood-stained. And the cartel’s next target is Pike…and everyone he loves.

Will Pike’s most challenging assignment destroy everything he’s struggled to achieve?

Final Verdict is the sixth book and the riveting conclusion to the Daniel Pike Legal Thriller Series. If you like spellbinding courtroom drama, startling revelations, and jaw-dropping action, then you’ll love William Bernhardt’s edge-of-your-seat finale.

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William Bernhardt is also the Publisher of the Balkan Press, which through its books, prizes, and journal (Conclave), publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of exceptional literary merit. Balkan seeks work that has a transcendent aesthetic impact on the reader, that heightens the reader’s sense of the mystery underlying our daily lives, that holds life up to a fresh light and helps readers see what they did not see before.


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