2020-21 Writing Retreats

William Bernhardt is one of the most popular writing instructors in the nation, regularly appearing at conferences and retreats all across the country. Bill also hosts small-group writing retreats (as well as a writing cruise and an annual conference—WriterCon). In each retreat, Bill gives participants an opportunity to send their work in advance. On the first day, he will be familiar with your writing project and ready to work. Each retreat consists of five intense, inspiring days learning the art and craft of writing with hands-on instruction, exercises, discussions of various writing topics (selected by the participants) editing, critique, and advice specifically addressing each participant’s work-in-progress. Perhaps best of all, you’ll make friends—other people with the same goals who share your passion for writing. Many retreat groups remain in contact long after the retreats ends. This is your chance to find your tribe—while taking your writing skills to the next level.

Online Zoom Writers Retreat
DECEMBER 9-13, 2020

I know—I prefer to be able to meet with everyone in person, too. But given what’s going on in the world right now, some people are reluctant to travel, which I completely understand, so this year I’m adding an online retreat. You’ll still have the same opportunity to interact with me and the other writers, to gain instruction and receive feedback, but you don’t have to leave home. I “test-drove” this format this past summer and it worked even better than I anticipated, so I’m looking forward to doing a full five-day seminar this way

I will lead the five-day intensive online workshop/retreat. The retreat group will meet for at least four hours a day (times to be determined by the group), leaving free time to apply what you learn each day.

For more information, send an email to willbern@gmail.com. Scroll down to register.

Eureka Springs Retreat

July 7-11, 2021
Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow
515 Spring Street
Eureka Springs AR
(479) 253-7444
https://www.writerscolony.org; director@writerscolony.org

People come from all around the world to spend time at The Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow, one of the finest writers colonies in the world. Each room is specifically designed to accommodate writers, and the prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere. Many meals are provided on weekdays by the resident chef and you always have access the the stocked kitchen. In this ideal atmosphere, I will lead a five-day intensive workshop/retreat. The retreat group will meet for at least four hours a day, leaving free time to write in the best of all possible environments, and perhaps even some shopping, dining—or a ghost tour.

We have reserved six rooms at the Colony for participants, but they won’t remain vacant long, so make your reservations now. Registration here includes the cost of the retreat, but you will need to contact the Writers Colony to reserve a room.

For more information call 405 203 8641 or send an email to willbern@gmail.com


To register for one or more writing retreats, complete the sign-up form below (processed by PayPal). If you prefer to register or pay by phone, call 405-203-8641.

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What Past Participants Say About the Retreats

“After three years of wallowing in a manuscript that wasn’t going anywhere, I attended Bill’s 2008 seminar. By December, the manuscript was finished and by March 2009, I had an offer.”
— 2016 Seminar Participant – Tulsa

“Bill’s seminar was the most valuable, practical, and enjoyable learning experience I have ever had. Well-structured, challenging, and affirming, this intensive course is essential for all serious writers who want the guidance of a New York-savvy instructor.”
— 2015 Seminar participant – Hawaii

“I learned more during Bill’s one-week seminar than I have in the past five years of reading twenty-plus “How to Write” books. Bill’s gift for teaching and creating a caring atmosphere proved invaluable.”
— 2014 Seminar participant – New York

“The seminar was hard work and Bill challenged me to produce my best. I came away confident I can complete a novel that editors and agents will think worth publishing.”
— 2013 Seminar participant – Idaho Falls

“Thanks so much for a great seminar.  Each day I felt challenged.  You made me strive to be a better writer.  I have several friends who are published writers.  But I’ve learned more from you in the past few days than in all the years I’ve known them.  But let’s don’t tell them that.”
— 2016 Seminar participant – Oklahoma City

“This was thirty years of experience condensed into one week.  Thank you!”
— 2015 Seminar participant – Tulsa

“This seminar changed my life.  Now I know I can write this book–and others.”
— 2014 Seminar participant – Oklahoma City

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