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William Bernhardt, lawyer and New York Times bestselling author of more than forty books tells lawyers what they need to know to succeed on the printed page, based upon personal experience, interviews with judges and attorneys, and a lifetime of writing. Bernhardt uses onscreen "Before and After" examples to demonstrate how attention to language and the application of good writing principles can improve any lawyer's written work. The CLEs are a blend of lecture, discussion, written exercises, films, and a few surprises you won't see anywhere else.

Here's what recent attendees have said about William Bernhardt's legal writing seminars:

"Engaging, useful, and relevant."

"Refreshingly different."

"Great Interactive exercises."

"Clear, concise, and informative."

"Entertaining and thought-provoking, providing thorough and helpful information."

"Skilled in both writing and instruction. Engages the audience and keeps the discussion lively."


The Programs:

Superior Legal Writing Workshop: Every Word Matters

In this workshop-style CLE, Bernhardt discusses the Ten Steps to Superior Legal Writing, tips any attorney can put into use regardless of their field of practice. Bernhardt also discusses the writing process that results in superior documents, and ethical issues that arise in legal writing.

Persuasive Legal Writing Workshop: Winning With Words

In this workshop-style CLE, Bernhardt applies the principles of superior legal writing to specific documents designed to persuade, and how each and every section can be strategically executed. Bernhardt also discusses how to produce excellent correspondence, and ethical issues that arise in litigation.

Transactional Legal Writing Workshop: Words Are Your Business

In this workshop-style CLE, Bernhardt applies the principles of superior legal writing to transactional documents, such as contracts, trusts, wills. Bernhardt offers practical advice for improving the content and form of transactional documents, as well as ethical issues concerning attorney-client confidences and ethical communications.

Storytelling for Lawyers: A Narrative Approach to Success

In this CLE, Bernhardt demonstrates how the fundamental elements of storytelling can be used by a practicing lawyer. Legal arguments are thinly veiled stories. Zeroing in on the story and the audience, considering the interaction of character and plot, and applying strategic writing styles to advance your story can be invaluable.


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Forthcoming Programs

March 30, 2017, 11:00 (Central)
Superior Legal Writing: Every Word Matters

William Bernhardt will conduct a live 90-minute version of his Ten Steps to Superior Legal Writing, featuring sychronized presentation slides and a chat feature for live Q & A. For more information of to register:

April 21, 2017, 11:30-5:30
SCRIBES 2017 Legal Writing CLE

Oklahoma City University of Law
800 N Harvey, Oklahoma City OK 73102

William Bernhardt will be one of several speakers at this event, appearing on a panel discussing "What Legal Writers Can Learn from Fiction Writers." Other speakers will discuss opinion writing, social media, and appellate advocacy. For more information, or to register, visit:

September 15, 2017
Wyoming State Bar Conference

Ten Steps to Superior Legal Writing

William Bernhardt will present a two-hour CLE discussing style tips any attorney can put to use regardless of their field of practice. 

Check back for information about legal writing CLEs later in 2017!

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"Bernhardt's humor, expertise, passion, and respect for the art of writing was exceptional. He was welcoming, heartfelt, genuinely supportive, and instructive."
— Denver

"As a result of attending this CLE, I felt my writing improve the very next day."
— New York

"Bernhardt obviously knows his stuff. He is very clear, to the point, and as a bonus, very entertaining."
— Omaha

"This is the best CLE I have ever attended!"
— Seattle

"After attending myself, I instructed every associate in my firm to attend Mr. Bernhardt's CLE as soon as possible."
— Albuquerque

"Writing is a difficult topic to make interesting, much less interesting for an entire day. Author/attorney William Bernhardt addressed the topic with enthusiasm and extraordinary competence. Mr. Bernhardt exceeded my expectations and almost uniformly received the highest marks possible from our program registrants."
— Donita Douglas, Director of Educational Programs, Oklahoma Bar Association

"Washington State Bar Association CLE has already used William Bernhardt for two seminars and looks forward to bringing him back for a return engagement in the future. [Bernhardt's CLEs] were very well received, garnering evalution form comments such as 'Excellent instructor—Wow!,' 'Delightful, inspiring, and informative,' and 'Outstanding—presentation and written materials first class.'"
— John M. Redenbaugh, Senior Conference and Seminar Development Specialist, Washington State Bar