Legal Writing

Legal Writing CLEs

The greatest skill any lawyer can possess is the ability to write clearly, concisely, and convincingly. If a lawyer lacks solid writing ability, he or she risks losing motions and cases. This seminar introduces writing and editing techniques designed to maximize legal writing proficiency.

Bernhardt focuses on helping lawyers develop skills and strategies for communicating in a rapidly changing legal environment, with a special emphasis on the abilities needed to frame your case, present it persuasively–and win. Bernhardt covers common writing errors, the pitfalls of legalese, the importance of strategic issue-framing, capturing a reader's imagination (the best way to persuade), drafting briefs, memos, and client letters, building a bulletproof argument, giving your pleadings and briefs focus and direction, setting a winning tone from the first sentence, the critical importance of tight editing for clarity and impact, and creating a compelling story that best represents your client. Although the presentation is educational and illuminating, Bernhardt always keeps it lively, never boring.

All examples are graphically illustrated on PowerPoint. The attendees will be asked to work on the displayed exercises so they can see legal writing evolve from the typical to the superior. This technique allows participants to readily grasp the point and leave the seminar ready to implement these winning techniques.

This seminar also contains an optional section concentrating on ethical issues relating to legal writing, techniques for becoming a fair advocate that judges trust and rely upon while using the written word to its maximum potential. The topics addressed will include: how to write an ethical brief, avoiding ethical lapses that alienate judges, eliminating ineffectual barbs and derogatory comments and replacing them with persuasive, winning arguments. The ultimate irony of ethical writing is that the more fair you make your brief, the more likely you are to prevail.

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