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Whimsical Warrior The Smell of the Light

Bill McCloud

In The Smell of the Light: Vietnam, 1968-1969, Bill McCloud’s poems take the reader chronologically through his personal experience with the Vietnam War. From his decision in the spring of 1967 to join the army, to the present-day determination by the VA that he has a service-connected disability, these poems chart a remarkable journey. McCloud served on an army airbase during the height of the war. The poetry he uses to describe his experiences is based on more than fifty letters he wrote home to his family. His poems deal with helicopters being shot down, air rescues, rocket attacks, and buddies being wounded in action. But they also address the day to day routine, boredom, hooch maids, bar girls, memorable characters, and the time he met Ann-Margret. It’s a collection unlike any other.

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Whimsical Warrior Whimsical Warrior

Selma Mann

Prepare to be enchanted by Selma Mann’s tribute to aging with grace and laughter. With disarmingly simple language, she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary, with whimsical unexpected twists that delight and connect with audiences of all ages, touching on her familiar themes of love, loss, and survival. These poems sparkle with fresh images, delightful wordplay, and a startling perspective on reality. "Selma Mann's poetry makes my heart take flight. She has tapped into the source of everything poetry should bring: peace, comfort, and joy." William Bernhardt, author of The Ocean's Edge ”Selma Mann’s heartfelt poems are an evocative and bittersweet collection of beauty. They fill one with compassion and respect for the urgency and preciousness of every life breath. A wonderful read. A wonderful gift.…” Mari McWilliams, author of Out of the Blue Valise and The Love Epidemic.

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Fetish and Other Stories Fetish and Other Stories

Amy Susan Wilson

Okataloa County, Oklahoma is anything but a sleepy town these days. Special-needs ghost Billy Craig haunts the local Pen & Quill Creative Writing Society, while across town Janice Lynn solves her homelessness crisis by winning self-respect and a lime-green Volkswagen. Celebrity billionaires and Brangelina updates, always one click and inbox away, are virtual distractions as these female protagonists confront life’s storms. Mortgages may barely get paid, husbands might drift without warning, and blue eyeshadow sometimes doubles in price at the local Walmart. TV evangelicals and Groupon provide comfort. Both heartache and humor abound within the pages of Fetish.

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Sydneys Spaceship Sydney's Spaceship

Jo Banks

A troubled young man in 1970s America struggles to deal with his love for another young man....who just might be an angel.

Sixteen-year-old Sydney Derouski is certain that any day now an angel named Kemory will appear and transform his pathetic life. He refuses to accept others' opinions that he lives in fantasy to avoid facing childhood trauma.

When Sydney discovers that a teen singer, Kipp Kemo, is a dead-ringer for Kemory, he wonders if his lust doomed the angel to a mortal life. But when the two finally meet, Sydney struggles with the truth of their bond and wonders if his sanity would be saved if Kemory were to disappear.

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last penny the sun last penny the sun: poems

Laura M Kaminski

Praise for Laura M Kaminski's poetry collections: "The poems of Laura M Kaminski's last penny the sun are rich with enthusiasm and delight. Each lyric presents a sensibility capable of ruminative insight as well as emotional depth. There is the grace of tribute throughout the book: whether the poems are paying tribute to other writers, to figures from literature and art, or to everyday life, Kaminski's poems show the admirable and encouraging efforts to, as is written in the poem 'Capacity': become a heart/that beats with each thing I take in,/refreshes and invigorates." -Jose Angel Araguz, 2014 CantoMundo Fellow and author of The Wall, Tiger's Eye Press, 2012 "The poems in Returning to Awe display a felicity of language and imagery that make them a delight to read. Laura M Kaminski has the poet's eye for insightful observation and just the right words to bring it vividly to life." -William Bernhardt, author of The White Bird, Balkan Press, 2013

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Returning To Awe Returning To Awe

Laura M Kaminski

Kaminski displays a knack for pausing in the midst of humdrum life to note the "flaming diamond" of a bird "set with the fencing of the garden," or the deep notes of a bullfrog symphony. Items one might pass by in a rushing, busy life become, for the artist, "my emblem, my insignia." In these quiet, reflective moments the vivid imagery and powerhouse of talent will lead you back to experience these poems again and again.

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